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James Resource Network

She She’s Corner and James Resource Network, our parent organization and a Colorado 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, operate with a singular mission: to assist single-parent families by providing quick access to hope and resources, allowing them to achieve long-term stability and self-sufficiency.

Our primary long-term objective is to provide transitional housing, particularly in the South Metro Denver community, on an ongoing basis to single-parent families in need.




The family is the very core of a healthy community, and when we help to enrich and encourage and support a health family unit, then we’re helping our community to be strong.” – Sandra Coen, Founder, She She’s Corner

Communities Connect

We believe it is incredibly important for newly single-parent families to remain in their homes and in their community, which maintains ties to friends, support networks, schools and other community connections. This helps to maintain stability and minimizes the disruptive effects of a divorce on a family. Through your ongoing patronage and support of She She’s Corner, you are assisting James Resource Network in achieving this mission and helping your friends, neighbors and your community at large.

She She’s Corner and James Resource Network are the epitome of caring, and that comes from the volunteers and the founder. It comes from a really strong sense of community.” – John Brackney, Former President and CEO, South Metro Chamber

Upscale Resale

In addition to our community outreach and support programs, our customers also appreciate the benefits of recycling the clothing, accessories and furnishings that are donated to She She’s Corner. We take pride in our efforts to eliminate the wastefulness associated with the disposal of these items, thereby maximizing their usefulness and worth to our customers and to the greater mission of our parent organization.

It’s a blessing to shop here cause there’s always something new and the conversations and environment make for an engaging and fabulous experience because the people here are so incredible.” – Sandy Corrigan, Advisory Board, She She’s Corner

Change Lives

If you are interested in helping us achieve our mission through a donation of your time, please consider volunteering at She She’s Corner or James Resource Network. There are many opportunities throughout the year, whether for a few hours a week at She She’s Corner or at one of the special events hosted by James Resource Network. These special events include our annual Christmas Tea and Mother’s Day Pampering Event.

For a complete list of volunteer opportunities at She She’s Corner and James Resource Network, please visit the Get Involved page at the James Resource Network website.

It just feels good to work for an organization that you just totally believe in, that I’ve personally benefited from, and I’ve seen so many other lives benefited and changed.” – Jamie Deering, Staff, She She’s Corner


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